Chongming Island national Geopark established by the People's Republic of China ministry of land and resources on 19 September 2005.The park covers the whole Chongming Island , the width from east to west is 76km. from south to west is around 13-18km.The park spans an area of 1200 square kilometers. The park is located at the estuary of Yangzi river, facing to Jiading, Baoshan in the south side while Jiangsu Haimen ,Qidong in the north side. It looks like a bright pearl which is in the mouth of "Yangzi dragon" Chongming Island is the world's largest estuary alluvial sand island; the park has preserved a large number of geological heritage and landscape. Large estuary delta stratigraphic system record 260 years’ sea level change; the ancient dike, complete Chronicles seawall, avoiding the tidal pier, all witnessed the land and sea changes in Shanghai; ...>>More

Geopark concept
In recent years, with the construction of the national geological park, we promoted the positive development of geological tourism, landscape, resource classification, tourism planning and management and other academic research.